Tools and Technologies

  • CIVO (Hackabull’s Official Technical Partner)

    Our technical partner, Civo, is offering us their cloud platform and free cloud credits (without adding a card). The link to signup for this will be given on the day of the event.

  • Echo3D

    Echo3D ( is a 3D asset management platform for developers that provides tools and cloud infrastructure to manage, deploy, and update 3D/AR/VR apps, games, and content.

    They are offering:

    1. Free Resources: Free premium tier access to our cloud platform as a free perk to all participants of the hackathon ($89 value per sign up)

    2. AR/VR workshop: A recorded workshop about AR/VR software development

    3. Tech support: Technical support from our team

  • MLH

    MLH have hardware available for hackers to check out, you can use this by checking them out from the MLH table:

    Hardware includes(But not limited to):

    Arduino's Raspberry Pi's, Google, Home-sensors, etc.

    There'll also be a limited quantity of Grove beginner kits that’ll be given out for hackers to keep.



The time and location for each of the workshops will be updated soon...


  • Full Stack App with CockroachDB serverless and Python and Challenge Presentation by CockroachDB
  • Getting Hacked On Purpose - Honeypot Analysis by Whitehatters Computer Security Club
  • The Truth About Layoffs from a Meta Employee by Meta
  • Beginner's Guide to Hackathons by MLH cybersecurity challenge walkthrough by MLH (Lego Set Raffle)
  • by Data Science Club
  • Tableau Workshop by Girls Who Code
  • Intro to Web Development by Hackabull Team
  • Game Development using Unity by SHPE Tech
  • UI/UX Design Workshop by GDSC
  • Introduction to Brain-Computer Interfaces and Emotiv by Neuro-Machine Interaction Lab
  • Tech Panel by Hackabull Team
  • Computer Vision and Robotics in Aerospace by the Society of Aeronautics and Rocketry (SOAR)
  • Technical Interviews 101 by Salesforce
  • Data Engineering as a Career by
  • Intro to Git and Github by Github Campus Ambassador
  • Introduction to FPGA Hardware Design by IEEE CS